Practical work

You will be able to choose practical work sessions only after you have paid the registration fee and have passed the laboratory safety test. Your chosen practical work preferences will be taken into account, until the places for practical work sessions are filled. Sessions with a limited number of participants will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please be sure to mark all practical work sessions by priority, as practical work sessions have limited number of participants, therefore it’s possible that your second or third choice will be considered instead of your first one.

Laboratory safety test

You will be able to take laboratory safety test and select practical work sessions in e-learning platform after registration. You should receive an e-mail with instructions how to access the e-learning platform.

S1 – Laboratory safety

S2 – Electroporation hardware safety

List of laboratory exercises

Below you can find a list of this year practical work sessions. Due to the hybrid nature of 2022 edition of EBTT, we are offering on-site practical work sessions as well as interactive online training sessions for those who are participating EBTT online.